jeffrey r. baker, attorney at law

In spite of a respect for all law, it is just not possible to be proficient and current in all areas of practice. Efforts and resources have to be concentrated in areas where a firm is most likely to practice and in which it wishes to emphasize its focus. My years of experience in many types of law will assist me and, if necessary to help  you to decide if a matter needs referral to or for other resources or experts in legal, financial, psychological or other fields.

We offer  consultation and planning for simple will, trusts and other matters at EXTREMELY REASONABLE RATES and provide in home and institutional visits, if allowable and appropriate safety and security concerns are addressed for your health and comfort. We offer "package deals" of  Powers of Attorney, Wills, Trusts, Advanced Medical Directives, Health Care Powers of Attorney and so forth at significant savings and for less than you may imagine. 


Wills, trusts of all kinds, Guardianships, Educational and Care Trusts for Children, Grandchildren and others, Continued care and special needs trusts of appropriate parties, continuing care trusts for Pets, are some of our offerings.

* PLEASE NOTE that our Wills and Estate package prices, especially for Husband and Wife executing "mirror" wills, are usually available at VERY reasonable rates.

We will make every effort to work with you on a timely basis and allow for our meetings to occur where YOU are, not just at my office (to the extent allowed by circumstances and health concerns). We provide drafting of Powers of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directives, Living Wills, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Spendthrift and other asset conservation trusts, together with Trusts and Will drafting and assistance of all sorts. 

Note:  We are not CPA's, nor do we hold ourselves out as accountants. Further, I do not litigate matters after doing so for almost 4 decades. Tax and other issues often require the assistance of your Accountant, CPA or Tax Advisor, so that our drafting of appropriate documents is done with a thorough knowledge of your estate by a person or firm that often has years of knowledge or experience with you, your family and your estate.  I often work with such experts and am used to such cooperative efforts to arrive at the best goal possible for you and yours.